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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

I've been blogged.

By the mother of all bloggers, Dooce. (Great. I've started my blog off with an incomplete sentence. Bravo.) I hadn't known of Dooce, aka Heather Armstrong before; apparently she is a very popular constipated, jack Mormon who was the first blogger to be fired for blogging. Thus "dooce" was added to the cyberlexicon defined as loosing one's job for blogging.

Titled Enjoying, her post included three of my flickr photos:


grizzly man

huff and puff

Within 24 hours, these photos received over 25,000 views each. It was a very exciting moment of mild web celebrity replete with marriage proposals from Manitoba* and Poland*. So I thought that the appropriate thing to do was to start my own blog - to pay it forward, if you will. I mean, the whole concept of a private identity is so, like, 90's.

And thus begins the ravings of yet another Internet lunatic...

*location names may be changed to protect the legally insane.

My fave is the middle one!

Ok, now I think I have you totally surrounded ... Bloggyville, Myspace, Flickr ... am I missing anywhere? *wink*

The Texas Tart
; *

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