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Friday, January 05, 2007 

Noah Stone, the MUSIC blog

Yes, this is the first post of the new, improved Noah Stone, the blog.... nay, the music blog. I'll be using this as a place to post not only my music but music I'm into.

So, to get started, here is a brand new song of mine, Work With You. I wrote and recorded this last week. The ping-pongy, noodley guitar is my good friend, Yogi.

And, here's an old Jane Siberry, or I should say, Issa (she has changed her name), song, Lena Is a White Table from the 1988 album The Walking. I must warn you that it's very 80's and very strange. The song is a conversation between two people, each panned left and right. They are giving directions to someone, "First you go up the hill... Don't forget to say the church... The Church? Well I don't think... Just in case the miss the turn... Let me do the talking... You make mistakes sometimes... Well, so do you... You never let me talk... Yeah, drink your beer..." And then there's some misunderstanding about who Lena is. One of them is saying she should go to school, but she can't because she is a table. Lena is a white table.

All songs are posted for sampling purposes and will be removed by request. Please support artists and buy the albums.

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