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Monday, December 12, 2005 

Noah, the Boa Constrictor

My brother named me after Noah, the Boa Constrictor from Richard Scarry's out of print, Busy Busy World. Here is his story:

noah the boa
aka woogie

Hi Noah the Boa,

If you have FTP problems, I can help.

Obviously, if you have dog problems I can't help at all, as my dog is just a marshmellow treat to yours.


aka that girl who helps you out at A&I


We had that book when I was a little kid. Thanks for posting it. :)

that was my favorite book ever when i was a kid. i had to buy a used copy off amazon last yr after my mom sold mine at her garage sale.

I was always into Hunky Dory the hippo.

I looooooved this book as a kid. I've been looking for a new copy for forever!

snake on a plane!

You got snakes on that plane

Ain't a damn thing you can do when you have snakes on a plane.

Best regards from NY!

this book totally rips off snakes on a plane!

Thankyou for this, Noah! I have the most wonderful 3-day old grandson called Noah, and while I am lucky enough to have the Scarry book to read him when he's older, I wanted and online copy to pop on his delighted dad's Facebook :)

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