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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

The Vatican says torture is unacceptable for extracting information that might thwart a terrorist attack. Hmmm. But it's still okay to use the rack on heretics, right?

Here's a description of some good, old fashioned Vatican torture:

Some victims were horsewhipped. A sharp iron fork was used to mangle breasts. Red hot pincers were used to tear off flesh. Red hot irons were inserted up vaginas and rectums. A device named the turcas was used to tear out fingernails.

After the nails were ripped out needles were shoved into the quicks. Boots called bootikens were used to lacerate flesh and crush bone. Thumbscrews were used to crush the fingers and toes. Acid was poured on victims and hands were immersed into pots of boiling oil and water.

Eyes were gouged out by irons. Alcohol was poured on the head of the poor victim and set alight. Water was poured down the victims throat with a notted cloth. The cloth was then jerked out tearing up the victims bowels.

holy shit...where do you find this stuff? i find it so interesting and it makes me wonder what urges you to research some things, in comparison to others.

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